Abraham Lincoln vs. Barrack Obama: Who is the greater American Hero?

Abraham Lincoln is often thought of as our nation’s greatest president. He is credited with restoring the Union and leading the armies that fought against the British in the Civil War. For many his role was indispensable; he saved the Union from economic ruin and without his leadership America would have been dissolved into shambles. While it is true that Lincoln made crucial decisions that impacted the outcome of the Civil War, his record does not give us the whole story, as much credit should go to the other men who led the charge and helped to repair the country after the war.

One year after the Civil War had ended, Abraham Lincoln was born in another of his father’s lifetimes – and he would live to be one hundred years old. He was the eighth President of the United States, and the war was now over. Many people are unaware that Abraham Lincoln actually lived in the White House during the war. While visiting Washington D.C. with his family in the late winter of 1860, Lincoln had an experience that changed his life forever. He witnessed an attack on Fort Lincoln, a Union fort protecting the city of New Orleans.

The Union was not ready for battle, as they had been in the Civil War, and Lincoln knew that. But when the battle came, Lincoln knew that the Union was not prepared and did not run away from battle. Instead, he made a speech to his wife, Nancy, in which he railed against the war. At the time, however, it seemed that the war was already lost; the South was about to defeat the Union, and Abraham Lincoln would oversee the death of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

While Abraham Lincoln was president of the United States, many people throughout the country were not happy with the outcome. Many felt that Lincoln did not lead his country into battle but rather only stayed in office. In essence, they feel that he did nothing while others did something spectacular. The question is, “Who is the greater American hero?”

Many political pundits, academics, and citizens alike have had their say, stating that Barack Obama is the greatest American ever. However, the same cannot be said for Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln accomplished much during his lifetime, but what is truly greater is the lesson that he taught. No other president would have accomplished what Lincoln did, because no other political figure came into office before Lincoln, and no other politician has accomplished as much as Lincoln has during his term.

To answer the question, “Who is the Greatest American of All Times?” Barack Obama may end up coming out on top. He has indeed accomplished more during his presidency than any other president before him. However, the lesson that he has taught the nation is far greater than what was accomplished by any other president before him. Lincoln will always be remembered as the first president of the United States. It is up to us to continue his legacy and make sure that we continue to have the greatest nation in the world.

The question of who is the greatest American can only be answered based on the results that he has produced. If we look at his record in office, we see a stark contrast with the two previous presidents, both of whom were also new to the executive office. Lincoln is the first president to take office after the Civil War had concluded. His administration brought about major changes throughout the country.

Lincoln is credited with leading the movement for civil rights, which began with the Civil War. Along with other Americans, he fought for these rights, which were later won by the African-American communities. The war also changed the country forever when the bloodiest war in history was fought in the name of liberty and democracy. Lincoln went on to help draft the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. At no time in history has there been so many influential Americans in one country as today. There are more living in the United States than any other country in the world and the Lincoln legacy is still very much alive.

The United States of America has had some of its worst Presidents since Abraham Lincoln. Many people argue that perhaps Washington is the worst American president ever, though many others will say that the bad presidency began with the bad administration of Washington. No matter what you decide about who is the greatest American, you must look at all aspects of their personal and governmental leadership, not just their performance in office. The same can be said of Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama. Both of them have led their respective countries to greatness and both of them are greatly respected around the world.

Now that you know who is the greatest American, it is time to start making your choices. You need to make sure that you are voting for the man who knows what he is doing when it comes to leadership. You need to choose someone who cares about America and who understands that change is necessary to keep our greatness from fading away. You must make your choice based on what you want to see in America, not according to what you think America wants. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to choose leadership, so take your time and choose wisely.

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