Anti-terrorism wars are a major guise for the violation of human rights

Today, the war on terror is a major guise for the violation of human rights around the globe. Many people do not realize that the U.S. government is directly involved in many of these human rights abuses that are carried out in other countries. Worse still, there is no international law to which these governments must answer when these violations are brought to their attention. This means that citizens around the world who experience the abuse cannot hold these governments accountable.

The first and most important right protected by the United States Constitution is the right to peaceful and quiet enjoyment of life. When a country engages in widespread torture or extra-judicial killing, this is a clear violation of this right. International law makes it abundantly clear that every nation has the responsibility to ensure its own citizens are not subject to ill-treatment or any other form of violation of their human rights. torture is a practice that goes against the universal principles on which our system of justice is based.

Unfortunately, the abuses taking place in the name of fighting terrorism abroad are often condoned by our political leaders in the West. In fact, some have proposed legislation to allow torture as a legitimate tactic to prevent acts of terrorism within the United States. Such legislation would be unacceptable. Even more concerning is the prospect of American citizens being held hostage and mistreated by foreign nationals because they are believed to be associated with terrorist organizations.

It is imperative that we learn the lessons of history and stop using our military force in ways that violate the fundamental human rights of individuals. There are currently innocent lives being lost in Iraq and the broader war on terror because of this. The international community cannot stand idly by and let such practices prevail. If such acts are allowed to go unchecked, future generations will have no say in who rules over them. History has shown that there will always be those that abuse human rights and it is up to us, as citizens of the world, to do what we can to bring an end to these injustices.

Today, many people forget the lessons of history when debating issues such as International Terrorism. Some would argue that there is only limited terrorism. However, there is plenty of terrorism taking place in the world today. And, unfortunately, much of it is being perpetrated by those claiming to be part of the fight against terror. When politicians talk about peace and security, they are merely pandering to the people who demand more war, not less.

Instead of condemning such acts of terrorism, we should be promoting world peace and universal values. This would help prevent more terrorist attacks against civilian populations, which would in turn prevent more people from losing their lives in the name of political correctness. Instead of condemning a nation-state that sponsors terror, which is often a nation-state that sponsors terrorism, we should be encouraging such nations to stop doing so. Unfortunately, we have recently seen what happens when we refuse to speak out against such actions. And while condemning such acts is crucial to fighting the war on terror, it is simply not nearly enough.

Rather than condemning such acts, we should work closely with our international partners to stop it at the source. We need to take a hard look at the nation-states which sponsor International Terrorism and begin to cut off their funding immediately. We also need to be working very closely with Turkey and the United States and other international partners to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into these countries, which is a huge facilitator of international terrorism. At the same time, we must work closely with the Russians, Chinese, and several other lesser known nation-states to cut off oil supplies to the oil-producing country of Venezuela, which is currently getting pretty desperate. In fact, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela just announced that he has enough oil reserves to last his government for an additional 25 years, proving again that we cannot expect peace in this world without war.

Stopping the funding of international terrorism is absolutely critical. However, if the United States insists on creating and participating in these increasingly counterproductive, nation-wrecking and counterproductive conflicts in the Middle East, then we are simply enabling international terrorism. Instead of condemning such acts, which only serve to increase the level of fear throughout the world, perhaps we should start with studying how to stop them right from the beginning. Please consider all this.

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