Are present day teenagers overly reliant on technology?

Is it true that our children of today are too dependent on technology? The answer is a solid yes. They have become so attached to their cell phones, laptops, iPods and other electronic devices that they refuse to do without them. Teens are extremely lonely, isolated and misunderstood; therefore they tend to act out to release some frustration or anger.

Teens depend on these technologies to be in touch with the rest of the world. Without these devices, they will be lost. They rely on the Internet, blogs, social networking sites and message boards. Social networking websites like MySpace, Twitter and Face book allow teenagers to form new friendships and network with others.

Many teens can be found posting comments, articles and thoughts on blogs. They participate in online forums on popular subjects. Some teenagers use instant messengers to chat with friends and family members. Some teenagers even form online relationships. Online social networks are also becoming an essential part of our children’s social lives. These social networks allow them to form close friendships and create bonds with their “friends”.

Video games and computer games have also become a large part of the life of teenagers today. Teens spend hours in front of the television. They play video games for long periods of time, often with the television playing non-stop. They spend an inordinate amount of time in front of the computer.

Teens spend a lot of money on video games and accessories. Most of them cannot live without a cell phone. They also use debit and credit cards to purchase video games, music and movies. Text messaging is another way that most teenagers communicate with each other and with their friends. There are many social networking websites that teens belong to.

Many parents are concerned about their teenagers’ reliance on technology. Some parents feel that they are teaching their children to depend on technology rather than the real world. They fear that the use of technology may also be responsible for the inappropriate behaviors that their children engage in. Unfortunately, many teenagers cannot resist the allure of technology.

Teens are not immune from acting out when they are overly excited about a new video game or accessory. One parent recalled seeing his six-year-old daughter texting her friends about which video game she just played. Other parents have had to explain to their children why it would be inappropriate for them to text their friends while playing a video game. The consequences of these actions sometimes pale in comparison to the thousands of dollars that are spent yearly by families for video games, video game consoles, digital television sets and other electronics.

It is important to remember that you as a parent can set limits and help your children set reasonable limits. You want to keep them from being overzealous about technological devices. You want to make sure that they understand the dangers of using these items. If you don’t feel comfortable with your child using a particular electronic device, talk to them about it. However, you don’t have to convince them to give up the latest video game or gadget if they already know how dangerous it is.

One of the other questions that are present day teenagers asking is, “Are my teenagers too dependent on technology?” This is one of the questions that are asked by both boys and girls. Both feel that their teenage years are the best years of their lives. They consider their technology to be a necessity. Unfortunately, it can also be a dependency and it may well lead them into trouble. It is important to discuss this with your child.

Some parents find themselves struggling with the fact that their teenage children are using some type of electronic gadget or application on a regular basis. They may wonder if they are giving their children a reason to use drugs and alcohol. The fact is that there are plenty of effective ways to keep them away from the dangers of using these bad influences.

Another question that is commonly asked is, “Is my teenager addicted to technology?”. Again, you have to ask this question with a little more clarity. Drug and alcohol rehab centers will tell you that teenagers that are addicted to these substances are actually still addicted. However, with proper counseling and mentoring, you may be able to help them get away from these substances for good.

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