Are the ills of Cigarettes enough reason to make them illegal?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, has recently completed a two-year long study examining the effects of long-term smoking on cancer. What they found is shocking: cigarettes do more harm than good. Specifically, the study found that long-term cigarette smoking can cause cardio-vascular disease, pancreatic cancer, liver cirrhosis, endometrial cancer, and oral and throat cancer. In fact, tobacco use can be a cause of all three of these fatal ailments. And, worse, women who smoke are more likely to develop all three of these diseases than non-smokers.

Why does this information bother you? As a society, we’re used to associating physical health with mental health. However, this isn’t always the case. Smoking is a psychologically addictive habit, just like drug use or alcoholism. And, just like these other addictions, cigarette use is damaging to the smoker’s health.

So, why did the FDA to conduct this study? They wanted to determine if the long-term effect of smoking was worth the dangers. If consumers knew the risks, then there might be less incentive to continue using tobacco products. Could the increased risk of heart attack and stroke be controlled? Could the reduced chance of lung cancer in men and breast cancer in women be altered? These are all legitimate questions.

It’s too bad that the government felt that it had to do a study in order to answer these questions. There are plenty of reasons to legalize marijuana and regulate its sale. But, it’s not necessary to go through the process of legalization just to control the problem. There are plenty of reasons to regulate the use of tobacco. In fact, the U.S. can do much to curb tobacco use, if it chose to do so.

One of the reasons that people start smoking is the fact that they don’t feel like they have any other options. The cigarette makes them feel like they need a constant hit. It makes them feel like they can’t be themselves or live without the comfort of smoking. When they realize that they have plenty of other choices, they stop smoking. So, the government studied the reasons that made some people start and found that there were many reasons to make them stop.

Some of the reasons include the toll that smoking takes on the smoker’s body. Cigarettes contain over four thousand chemicals. Each time a cigarette is smoked, a tiny amount of one of those chemicals is absorbed into the body. Over time, that small amount of chemical adds up and makes the smoker feel sick and tired.

Another reason is the danger of second hand smoke. People who are addicted to cigarettes often find it hard to breathe when they are around someone who is smoking. They also experience coughing and wheezing from the smoke. When you combine all of that with the fact that smoking is extremely addictive and can ruin your health in ways you can’t imagine, it makes sense to ban the use of tobacco.

Now that the reasons that made some smokers start smoking have been uncovered, it is time to take action. Time has come to ban the ills of cigarettes. Not only does it help the smokers themselves, but it also helps the rest of us who don’t smoke. If no one wants to light up and share the danger that comes with smoking, the entire world will be healthier for it.

The world has become concerned about the ills of cigarettes. That has made many states around the country want to pass laws against smoking. But how do they decide which laws are enough reason for smokers to quit? And how will they get those smokers to kick the habit before they have too many people breathing in their faces?

Some argue that there are enough reasons for smokers to quit. They point out the serious health risks involved with smoking. They point out that it isn’t healthy to be a smoker. They also point out that many smokers get lung cancer and other kinds of diseases. And they say that enough is enough – this is a society that demands respect and they are going to give it to smokers.

So what is the answer to the question, “Are the ills of cigarettes enough reason to make them illegal?” Only you can decide whether or not the ills of cigarettes are enough reason to make you get rid of your cigarette. If you do decide that the ills of cigarettes are enough to make you want to quit, then you should start today. You need a good way to motivate yourself. You can either visit your local library or you can go online and look up some motivational quotes.

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