Can the game of politics ever be played cleanly?

Why do you ask? Because, as a former candidate for office, I became aware of some tricks of the trade that many candidates for elective office play. If you are going to be a successful candidate for office, there are some things that you must learn to be able to avoid being labeled as a “scorched-earth candidate” by your political opponents. That is not a knock on you as a person. Rather, it is a reflection of the fact that our game of politics is often played the same way at the national level and sometimes rules are bent in the name of playing the game.

One thing that many people never seem to realize is that the only way to win a political race is to play it. The other thing that they seem to forget is that the first place to get elected is with the election being close to a win. In the event of a tie-vote, the losing candidate almost always ends up at the end with nothing, whereas a winning candidate almost always ends with something.

So, it goes without saying that in the event of a tie-vote, the momentum of the voters quickly shifts to the winner, who usually has more than enough support to win. It is pretty simple if you understand the mechanics of the game. When the playing world turns, the losers fold.

So, how about playing the game of politics if you are going against the grain? Is it permissible to break the rules a little and run a bit stronger than the competition? Indeed, many say that there is a right way and a wrong way to play politics, but how would you know what was right or wrong if you didn’t understand the mechanics of the game? Is it ethical to lie about your record and support for a candidate in order to sway the outcome of an election?

The best way to play the game of politics is to know the history of how it has generally been played. Just look around you and see what interests you. If you are more concerned with learning why certain policies were pursued, than trying to pass laws that will favor one candidate over another, you are probably a good candidate to learn how the game is played. The only way that politics can be truly played fair is by ensuring that the outcome of the games is not based on personal favoritism or “winner takes all.”

One of the ironies of American politics today is that one man’s gain is another man’s loss. This is true regardless of which party is in control of the levers of power. As a result, there are a lot of politicians who do not feel bound by the rules and regulations set forth by the United States Congress. Unfortunately, we are one election away from a major crisis.

What would we do if the next elections were to be based on political gerrymandering? What would happen if the winner of the popular vote did not come from anywhere but because the people living in some district decided they wanted that person to represent them? The whole process would be a sham. But it is happening right now. And nothing is being done about it.

No matter what party is in control of the levers of power in Washington D.C. someone will find a way to cast a vote that will favor them. So, can the game of politics to be played fairly? Yes, absolutely. If all representatives are subject to the same laws and regulations then our representative can truly serve the American people with honesty and integrity.

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