Communism vs Capitalism, which is the lesser evil?

One of the most important debates in economics is between Communism vs capitalism. Proponents of Communism would argue, “Communism is inherently evil” while supporters of capitalism point out that capitalism is the lesser evil. So, which is the lesser evil?

If Communism was truly the “lesser evil” then why do people want to join a communist country? Does that sound logical to you? Well, consider if you will all of the problems that are associated with Communism, such as starvation, warlordism, and of course, everyone getting AIDS. That is just to name a few. Additionally, if Communism was truly the “lesser evil” then why did the Chinese gain so much from capitalism?

The fact is that capitalism is far superior to Communism. In fact, it is capitalism bad than Communism. Communism does not work because the people that live under it do not want freedom, they want things handed to them on a silver platter. Therefore, the people who live under Communism do not have freedom, they live in constant fear, and they do not have the same freedoms enjoyed by individuals in a capitalist system.

If Communism was actually the lesser evil then wouldn’t capitalism be the most superior system? Why would capitalism be considered the “evilest” system? The truth is that capitalism is not evil in and of itself, but it has many faults which make it undesirable. Therefore, it would be considered the opposite of Communism, which would be an idealistic way to live. Thus, Communism vs capitalism: what is the lesser evil?

Now consider if you will all of the problems that are associated with Communism. First off, all human beings are extremely egoistic, this means that they wish to control everything. They see themselves as the most important thing, and they try to destroy all obstacles for themselves. It also means that all of their inventions and innovations become the most important thing, so that they can have a more comfortable life.

Secondly, all the humans use labor, because they have no other option, and because they believe it is the way to make money. Capitalists are individuals who are very lazy, who believe that they do not need to work because they have all the money that is available to them. This is why I say that Communism is not the lesser evil. Communism does nothing but allow the wealthy to get richer by stealing from the less wealthy, whereas capitalism actually works to allow everyone to get rich. Additionally, Communism always fails to deliver on any promises that were made, and that is why I say that Communism is not the less evil, rather it is the greatest evil of our time.

Now, if you truly believe that Communism is the lesser evil, then you must be willing to look at the records, and understand what Communism actually does. Communism tries to control every aspect of your life, it tries to tell you what you should think, how you should live, and what you should say. On the surface, everything seems fine, but underneath, it’s extremely horrible, and it will eventually lead to all your problems in life, which include starvation, and eventually death. capitalism is the true better choice, and I would like to point this out to all those people who believe that Communism is the greater evil.

Please consider all this, because if you believe that Communism is the lesser evil, then you are committing intellectual fraud on the American people. Capitalism is far worse than Communism, and if you seriously believed that Communism is the lesser evil, then you would also be an intellectual liar. Listen to me, and do the right thing.

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