Public school vs Home schooling; the pros and cons.

Public school vs Home schooling; the pros and cons.

There are many arguments going on between those who home school their children and those who consider public school as their best option. The fact is that both have their own benefits and drawbacks. Parents who decide to home school their children have both the advantages and disadvantages. Here are the pros and cons of homeschooling, along with a perspective from an expert who homeschools.

Advantages of homeschooling There are many obvious benefits to homeschooling. One of the primary reasons many parents choose homeschooling their children is the fact that the curriculum is set up to match the student’s ability level. This allows all students the opportunity to learn what they need to learn. If a child struggles in a certain area of learning, his or her coach can help that student through correction and help that student achieve progress.

Another advantage to homeschooling is the direct control over the educational process. Parents can ensure that their student gets the best education possible. Parents who feel as though public schooling is not providing their students with the educational experience necessary for college entry can also home school their children and be assured that the curriculum will be the same as the students receiving the education from the public school.

A disadvantage of homeschooling is that students are placed in a classroom environment with other students. If it is your goal to create a social butterfly atmosphere in your students’ classroom, you may not feel as though homeschooling is the right choice. Public schools are typically taught in a classroom environment with students grouped together with similar interests. Some parents feel that by grouping students based on common interests and goals, the social nature of public school classes is lost and eventually students develop no special friendships outside of the classroom.

Parents who choose home schooling will have to bear the cost of running their home school. This can be a great expense if you want to home school a large number of students. Some parents are able to reduce the costs of running their school by taking online courses instead of hiring new teachers for the beginning of each school year.

Parents also have to make decisions about how to teach at home when it comes to content, discipline and other aspects of their child’s education. Public schools are required to adhere to certain rules and regulations. At home, parents can choose to teach according to their own philosophy. They can teach all of the subjects and leave the creative and liberal arts up to the parent. Parents also have the option of using a public school approved curriculum or create their own.

In deciding which choice is better, parents should also consider the affects of home schooling. It may take longer for a student to catch up in some subject areas. This is not so true with public school. Students can usually be expected to catch up regardless of their home situation within a few months. This is especially true with reading and writing skills.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both choices. The best way to decide between home schooling and public school is to do your research. Check out websites that compare the costs of both school systems in your area. You may be surprised at the difference in costs.

A more important consideration when deciding between home schooling and public schooling is the quality of education. Parents should consider the reputation of the school. Many parents have been able to avoid the negative aspects of some diploma mills by educating themselves about what to look for in a school and what to look for in a home schooled child. They have learned how to spot scams and have avoided them by taking the time to learn about the schools they send their children to.

Perhaps the biggest consideration of all is how much money home schooling parents have to spend. While public schools offer many options, many parents find that home schooling is the most affordable option. Of course, this depends on the quality of education offered by the school. Many people choose to use a home school because of the freedom of choice that is allowed in public schools. Home school curriculums are almost unlimited.

In the end, most parents choose home schooling simply because it is the best decision for the children involved. No one can fault them for that. It takes great effort to get up to full speed in a new way of education and the rewards are tremendous. Parents have found that home schooling is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. So, the debate continues, but one thing is clear; Public School Vs Home Schooling; the pros and cons make for an interesting discussion!

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