Should human cloning be embraced or shunned?

Should human cloning be embraced or shunned?

Should human cloning be embraced or shunned? This is one of the more difficult questions to answer in today’s culture. For some, it will be an immediate conclusion that this is something we cannot do and must be rejected. However, for many others it will be a case of being neutral between accepting it and not allowing it to happen.

There are two main arguments against human cloning. The first comes from religion. While religion has no problem with cloning humans, it has an issue with artificial means of creating life. Many people believe that God created every living thing with a specific purpose. Using technology to duplicate something that was created by the creator would be seen as a violation of this law. Thus, it becomes a religious issue.

The other argument against human cloning centers on the fact that it could create a lot of chaos in the future. While it may not affect everyone in the same way, it could cause a rise in crime, terrorism, and genetic modification. If one day human cloning makes its way into the society, it could have a devastating effect on our way of life. This would not help much if it were to be rejected.

When faced with this dilemma, most of the population will probably embrace it. After all, it would mean a chance to create a new technology that was not available before. It would also mean an opportunity to create a better human being that was not born with any disease. It would also give the society a chance to look into the past and learn more about their past.

While these are valid reasons, it will still be a choice. One decision that will be made is whether or not this will be allowed in our society. There will be those who will work very hard to stop this new technology. They will try to shut down clinics that are conducting human cloning. In some places, the law will be strengthened so this becomes a real threat.

Other people will be against it, arguing that this could lead to a better way of life. Some say that it will replace human interaction completely, which would be bad for the society. While others say that we need to be open minded to new technology.

Some say that this technology has already been tested on humans. However, the experiment has been on just a small group of people. The final decision will come from each individual’s body but whatever the final decision may be, there is no doubt that this is something to think about.

All of us must decide what is best for us. The issue here is simply one of choice. Should we embrace human cloning and create a better way of life or should we shun it and look to the future? You decide.

Some would say that society should embrace it, because it will bring wonders to the world. Others would say that we should wait and see what happens with this technology. This is probably the biggest question that will face humanity since the beginning of time. Will we be able to fulfill our potential in the future? Are you ready for this?

It seems that we are quite the sentimental type. When I was a child, my father always told me that I was special and that I would not be like everyone else. He also made me feel that I should strive for greatness and have the courage of thought. I grew up hearing those kinds of things. Now as an adult I wonder if maybe I had been different if I had pursued a human cloning research.

If I had become a doctor, I would have been treated very different than the normal person. I could have had children and be a housewife. People might not have looked down on me the way they do now. Maybe I would not have gotten so depressed when my husband left me. Maybe I would have adopted a child myself and given them a good life. All of these things would have changed my life for the better.

I am sure there are other reasons as to why human cloning should be embraced or shunned. Only you can decide for yourself. Just think about it for a moment. Would you want to live forever?

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