Socialism vs Capitalism_ which is beneficial for the average society?

Socialism vs Capitalism_ which is beneficial for the average society?

There are two main questions when debating between socialism and capitalism. Which would be better for the overall society? What would be the pros and cons of each? Is it better to have one or the other? These are all good questions, but often not answered by people in politics and in academia. Fortunately, I am going to lay out what I believe to be the answer.

For a long time, left-leaning folks have been saying that they are for socialism and want to see the government take away some of the wealth. However, as they become more educated, they realize that it is not fair to force people to work for nothing. So they tend to go with capitalism when debating between socialism and capitalism. It seems to make sense.

Now then, does capitalism work? Does it create wealth and prosperity? Does it help create more opportunities for everyone? Well, here are some things to think about.

First off, I believe that capitalism can do wonderful things if properly regulated. The problem is that it has tended to create too much wealth concentration at the top of society. Whereas, during the 1950s, the top level of society did not have nearly as much wealth concentration as it has today. So, the overall wealth creation in society has been somewhat stagnant or even declined slightly.

Now then, let me come back to the original question: does socialism work or not? Well, it depends on whether you want to socialize without creating a market. Socialize without creating a market is like having a charity program where you just give money away. Now then, does socialism work, or does it create excessive amounts of poverty and uneducated people?

The problem with socialism, as far as I’m concerned, is that it creates a giant hole in the pocket of the person who is doing the voting. You see, when you vote for a socialist in the elections, you are basically voting for charity. When you give money to charity, they give money to the people who need it most. That’s all they do. They don’t create wealth or opportunity. That is why socialism doesn’t work.

Now then, when discussing whether or not socialism works, let me ask you this: would you rather live in a country where there are excessive wealth and poverty, or would you rather live in a country where there are ample prosperity and ample opportunities? And the reason I ask this, is because that is the way that humans have lived since the beginning of time. And it just has not worked out very well so far, is it? I certainly hope it hasn’t because I’d rather live in a country where socialism does work, than one where capitalism does.

Now then, when discussing socialism and capitalism, one has to ask the question: does socialism create wealth, or does capitalism create wealth? Does socialism work, or does capitalism work? Well, the answer is no, and the question you should be asking is this; why do you think it does? Please consider all this.

Now then, you see, socialism doesn’t really work, because it doesn’t foster wealth creation. In fact, socialize all you want, but without creating wealth, it just doesn’t work. It’s just not the right way to go about creating wealth. What if you could socialize and still be able to create wealth? Now then, in that case, wouldn’t that be better than capitalism, and socialism?

So then, it turns out that the question you need to ask yourself is this; does socialism create wealth, or does capitalism create wealth? Now then, if you realize that socialism doesn’t work, and that it doesn’t foster wealth creation, then you must also realize that capitalism actually does foster wealth creation, and it does create wealth. Now then, consider that for a moment. Doesn’t capitalism work, and socialize, and yet still create plenty of wealth? That simply makes no sense, doesn’t it?

Indeed, I hope you will please consider this. It’s time for the socialist illusion to end, at least with regards to socialize, and wealth creation, and perhaps the two should go together? And if you don’t socialize and create wealth, then capitalism does it for you, because it thrives off of your charity and socialize, and it really doesn’t matter what you do, because it thrives off of your back. You see, there is nothing that socialism has that capitalism doesn’t. It’s only an illusion.

Still, perhaps you will look back in history, when there was socialism and there wasn’t, and ask yourself this question: does socialism work, and is capitalism a good idea? If the answer is no, then perhaps you should consider moving towards a socialist nation, because it works. If the answer is yes, then perhaps you should stay away from socialism, because it will kill capitalism. Please consider all this and think on it.

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