The act of dieting_ the blessings vs the curse.

The act of dieting_ the blessings vs the curse.

The act of dieting: the pluses verses the minuses. I always thought that dieting was a positive thing because it helped me loose those extra pounds. But after a while, I couldn’t stand the idea of having to count calories or obsess over what I ate. In fact, I began to feel like a walking disaster as I struggled to lose each pound. The negative side of dieting is that you will feel horrible after your diet.

The positive side of dieting is that it gives you a sense of control over your eating situation and helps you make healthy choices for your future. After my first failed diet, I realized something incredible: that I had a problem and that I needed help. It was at this point that I decided that I wasn’t going to just “roll the dice” and hope I lost weight. I knew that I had to do something about my situation and that I wanted to make a difference in my health.

So I began researching dieting. I wanted to know what were the real advantages and the real negative things about dieting before I dive into the process. What I discovered is that there are both good things and bad things about dieting and you have to understand these things before you dive into the process. Here are some of the top things that I found about dieting:

The Good Things: The first and most obvious advantage of dieting is that you actually will lose weight! There is no doubt that dieting will help you lose weight because you are eating healthier foods. You are also getting into better nutritional habits. Your body will be in better shape and you will be motivated to continue the diet after you lose weight. You will also find that dieting will give you more energy.

The Bad Things: One of the things that I didn’t like about dieting was that I was starving myself while dieting! I needed to eat healthy foods but I wanted to be able to eat whatever I wanted. I would go on a two or three day diet and then be so hungry that I would binge on everything that I could eat. That was dangerous because I would be letting myself get even more fat! After a few months on the dieting and becoming more sensible about food, I did lose some weight but I wasn’t in the best condition.

The Solutions: So after finding out all of this I decided that I wanted to lose weight the natural way. I started with a high protein diet and also added in some exercise. The dieting didn’t really solve the problem, so I needed something that would really help me lose weight. I tried many different things such as crash diets, low carb diets and also liquid diets. None of them really worked for me and it was getting very frustrating. I just couldn’t seem to lose the weight and kept on buying diet pills.

The Book: After searching on the internet I found a book written by Isabel De Los Rios. I read a few pages from the book and then bought it. The book was great and explained everything that I needed to know about dieting. The main thing that I liked about the book was that it gave me the whole picture on how dieting works. It also gave me the solution for why I was gaining weight and what I needed to do to lose it. The book basically told me that I shouldn’t eat so many foods that contain preservatives and artificial ingredients.

I used the book to start my dieting journey. Nowadays I always eat healthy and take my vitamins. I also burn more calories than I usually do so I am able to lose weight and keep it off. The book also made me learn the proper way of dieting. The main thing that I like about this is that it gave me the answer for why I was gaining weight and what I needed to do to lose it.

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