The effect of legalization of same-sex marriages; positive or negative?

The effect of legalization of same-sex marriages; positive or negative?

What is the impact of legalization of same-sex marriages; positive or negative? This issue has been in the news for a while, but many people are unclear as to how it affects society. It’s a hot topic, and many supporters are calling for the legalization of same-sex marriages (including myself). Opponents argue that it’s an attack on the traditional family unit and can lead to dangerous situations.

If same-sex marriages become legal, will people marry people of the same sex just because they want to? Will there be increased discrimination due to sexual orientation? Many of the opponents of same-sex marriage question the very idea of a wedding being between two people of the same sex. Is it not cheating?

Some would say that while some may find it odd and insulting, this type of reaction is normal. After all, if two persons of the same sex have been married, then why should they be denied the right to enjoy the same type of institution as heterosexuals? When asked what the effects of same-sex marriage are, most answer with the word “positive”. People who support same-sex marriage feel that by allowing this type of arrangement, the institution of marriage is strengthened. Marriage, they believe, is a societal value that is worth preserving.

On the other side of the argument, those who are against same-sex marriage feel that same-sex marriages create a sense of intolerance, as well as a lack of understanding on the part of those who support same-sex marriage. They point out that a person of the same sex is not likely to behave any differently towards them than a person of the opposite sex. Also, these arguments are usually followed up by saying that marriage should be between a man and a woman only. It is said that such marriages promote sexual orientation, and this could lead to a lack of understanding on the part of those who support same-sex marriage. Many opponents of same-sex marriage feel that laws granting marriage equality create a sense of morality that is not consistent with a society that upholds freedom and choice.

However, the results of same-sex weddings have been varied. There were instances where a couple was able to wed, but they later filed for divorce. There have also been instances where same-sex couples have been successful in establishing a household with children. In general, proponents of marriage equality claim that such marriages provide the same benefits to those who choose to marry rather than those who choose to remain single.

There are several arguments that attempt to show the opposite of same-sex marriages; whether same-sex marriages are positive or negative. Proponents of same-sex marriage assert that such unions encourage sexual orientation, and this can lead to a lack of understanding on the part of those who support same-sex marriage. Opponents argue that same-sex marriage does not promote equality, and they point to various societal ills that have stemmed from discrimination against gay individuals. Although there are some arguments between the two sides, proponents of same-sex marriage state that it is a matter of choice, and that laws restricting same-sex weddings harm no one.

The effects of legalized same-sex weddings can be determined by looking at the societal responses to same-sex weddings. In a number of communities, local churches have begun to host same-sex ceremonies. In addition, the community around the wedding site has changed, with some businesses refusing to serve same-sex customers. More traditional venues such as restaurants and hotels have welcomed same-sex guests, but some have refused to entertain same-sex couples altogether.

While the effects of legalization of same-sex weddings have yet to be observed directly, the changes within some communities are a cause for concern. Many have criticized same-sex marriage, but this attitude is changing rapidly with more acceptance shown toward same-sex marriage across many areas of the country. As same-sex marriage gains more acceptance in society, the effects of legalization of same-sex marriages will likely be documented and discussed, illuminating both the positives and negatives of same-sex marriage.

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