The exploration of space_ The next big thing or a complete waste of money?

The exploration of space_ The next big thing or a complete waste of money?

The exploration of space: Is it worthwhile or a complete waste of money or time? It’s not cheap and there is a hefty price to pay for getting ourselves safely and securely into orbit around the Earth. However, that is not the only expense as far as human beings are concerned. Getting to space and exploring space has cost billions of dollars already and that does not include the many billions more needed to keep astronauts alive in space and on the International Space Station. In fact, the United States has already spent nearly $1 billion on its space program alone.

The International Space Station has been a great research and testing ground for engineers and scientists for several years now. Of course, it was supposed to be a temporary base for astronauts prior to them stepping off into space for the first time. However, now that the station has been around for several years, it has been repeatedly utilized as a testing ground for new technologies, equipment and systems. The Station has proven that people can live and work in a vacuum for a long period of time. There have been many experiments that have been successfully conducted while crew members were in space.

The question of whether getting to space is worthwhile or not is not an easy one to answer. Some people will say that space travel is one of the greatest achievements of man has made and that getting to the moon and Mars will prove to be a false reality. Others will point out that while getting to those places may be closer than we think, it may also take us decades to get those supplies to those destinations and we will still have to pay for our passage into space. The exploration of space may bring great discovery and information back to earth, but will also cost billions of dollars.

Those who believe that space travel is not only necessary for astronauts but also for scientists to get to research planets that are far off in the solar system, some will say that we could simply send people there by using aircraft. Such an endeavor would cost billions of dollars, but wouldn’t it be better than spending millions of dollars on a space shuttle program that never gets you anywhere? Many people think that if we send people to go to space, they will come back with photos and stories of life that they never knew about. They will return with technology that we never knew existed.

Those who say that the exploration of space: The next big thing or a complete waste of money? would say yes, because all the billions of dollars that we spend on space travel only goes so far. The exploration of space may find that we already have the technology to send people to other planets and perhaps do it soon. It is said that the Russians have said that they may be able to send people to Mars within two decades.

This would be a great place for scientists to start getting involved. By sending people from earth to go to Mars or for that matter to another planet, they can not only discover things about our universe, but they can also collect samples for future scientific study. It would also mean that we would have found an entirely new realm to study. The possibilities of that are endless and the payoff for that alone would be worth the investments made into the exploration of space.

The Russians also said that they would be able to use their space travel to study the atmosphere of Mars. They also mentioned that they would be able to land on the surface of Mars and take samples for medical testing. The idea here is to build a base station on Mars and then send samples back to earth for analysis, but if you do this, how will the Chinese, Russians, and Europeans know what you did exactly? You don’t say?

If this happened, wouldn’t you be the one to get all the credit? In order to protect the United States from being accused of spying for China or Russia, we need to have the most accurate and up to date pictures taken by satellites of the surface of Mars. We need to know exactly what the Chinese and Russian activities are and why they are doing it. Not only must we be able to determine whether or not they are doing it for evil reasons, but we must also be able to determine why they are doing it. There is a lot of controversy over this issue, but in order to move forward with the exploration of space, we need to have the best information available.

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