The gap year should be made compulsory for all high school students going to college

The gap year should be made compulsory for all high school students going to college

The gap year should be made compulsory for all high school students going to college. It will give them a great chance to have experience working in a professional capacity while gaining valuable life skills that they will use when they return to college. As a high school student you will probably be spending part of the year on summer vacation. You may wonder why any college would want an inexperienced student to work full time and then send him or her off to college. This is simply because college is a demanding experience and the skills learned during the gap year cannot be put to use immediately.

In the summer there are many things that students can do, but most do not consider what they will be doing once they reach college. Most colleges have a student council, in which case the current affairs committee might decide that a certain topic or policy needs to be brought up in order to make students feel more included. It could be a requirement that all students complete some kind of diversity workshop or similar program.

This brings us to the third point that it should be compulsory for all high school students to participate in the gap year. Many people argue that this is already the case in the United States. The US federal government runs various programs that help students from disadvantaged backgrounds to go to college. It is also possible to get financial aid if you need it. The point of compulsory participation is that if students do not feel like participating and are not interested, they will not be motivated to do so. This will have very negative consequences for the college and for the country.

There are also arguments that suggest that it should not be compulsory for any student at all. If it is compulsory, then those who are not participating will be viewed as passive students and that is definitely not the image that is want to project to a world audience. There are also arguments that suggest that the students who do participate should be able to take advantage of the opportunities that the program offers and therefore become better students in the future. The argument here is that those who do not take advantage of the programs and opportunities should not be encouraged. The country does want those from disadvantaged backgrounds to graduate and become highly educated and contribute to society.

The fourth point that should be made compulsory is that it should also be a useful time for students. This would mean that they have time off and they can really enjoy their summer holidays. They will not have to deal with exams. They can go out into the community and network. It will be good for them and it might lead to them going back to college the next year.

The fifth point that should be made compulsory is that it might improve the system as a whole. By making the gap year compulsory students might become more responsible. It might encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning. This would benefit the whole educational system. The teachers might be more willing to help them when they have questions.

Sixthly, it could make the whole subject a more interesting one. The curriculum will be reviewed in detail by experts from the country. This means that there will be more things to read and explore. This will keep the students interested in the subjects and this can only be beneficial for the whole school.

Seventhly, the world will be an easier place to live in if the compulsory gap year is compulsory. This means that each student will be exposed to a different culture and way of life. It could be a chance for them to see what life is like for people who live in very different countries. The country will be trying to send each student on a different adventure and it might just inspire them to go out of their comfort zone. The last thing that the school could ask for is a compulsory year.

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