The ownership of guns; promotion of vice vs self-defence mechanism

The ownership of guns; promotion of vice vs self-defence mechanism

The issue of gun control has been a hot topic of late. Many people feel that it is imperative that the government limits the ownership of guns because there is too much opportunity for misuse and injury to innocent people. Some feel that the government should not regulate firearms at all because it would prevent people from exercising their right to self-defense. Both arguments have strong points, however, there are some distinct differences between regulating gun ownership and promoting self-defence mechanisms.

The first difference regards the role of gun ownership in promoting self-defence. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution grants an individual the right to keep and bear arms. Individuals can also use their arms in lawful self-defence if necessary. Gun owners are encouraged to exercise this right, but they are not required to do so. For instance, a person who is attacked by another individual, other than a gun owner, may be able to legally defend themselves with a personal protection device.

These devices are designed to thwart an attacker and allow the victim to escape. The individual may also be able to legally use a gun in defense, if deadly force is necessary against another individual. However, there is no guarantee that the device will prevent all scenarios and some individuals are simply more prone to using a gun when self-defense is an issue. Therefore, encouraging gun ownership may actually serve to promote more self-defense scenarios and less criminal activity.

The second difference regards the method of regulation. Firearm regulations are quite strict in many areas and some jurisdictions prohibit carrying a firearm in certain locations or for certain types of activities. Furthermore, there are regulations regarding the age level at which a person can obtain a firearm. Some jurisdictions prohibit persons from possessing a firearm until they are eighteen years of age. Most states require that gun owners register their firearms and undergo training as well as licensing. All firearm sales and possession are regulated through local municipalities and the majority of municipalities have an outright ban on the purchase or selling of handguns.

Gun ownership has historically been viewed as a positive influence towards public safety. However, the increased regulation and licensing processes generally do not impact gun owners in a negative way. The vast majority of gun owners and non-gun owners will undergo training and pass required background examinations that satisfy the requirements of the law. Additionally, a firearm is generally not used as a method of self-defence unless it is owned and handled by someone who has the legal right to do so under the circumstances outlined in the Second Amendment. Individuals who choose to purchase a firearm as a means of self-defence are doing so for personal safety rather than for the need to feel better about themselves.

Those who choose to own a handgun for protection against crime can do so legally and without much intrusion into their daily life. A firearm is not generally associated with violence or even death, since it is typically utilised for self defence. Many people who purchase firearms for safety reasons will not necessarily use them in a violent manner. Those who do not have a history of violence are also choosing to purchase a firearm for self-defence although many people consider the use of a firearm as a means of defensive interessment.

If you have questions about the ownership of firearms in your area then a simple Google search will provide you with multiple results that may help answer your question. The next question that you would need to ask yourself is if a firearm is the best solution for your needs. While all firearms are highly legal, some states do not recognise a firearm as a valid option for ownership. Before you make a decision on whether or not a gun is the right solution for you, consider how the product will fit into your life. Will having a gun help promote self-defence and safety in your home?

The decision on whether or not you should purchase a firearm should be made carefully. Research the product thoroughly and talk to your local police authority. The police will provide information on the ownership of firearms laws in your state. If you do purchase a gun, be sure to keep it in a safe place and never leave it out in the open. Protect yourself and your family at all times.

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