Which is better_ public health system or private health system?

Which is better_ public health system or private health system?

When I was in medical school, the question which was the most asked was which is better: a public health system or private health system. Although it was a difficult and confusing debate, at the end of the day, it turned out that the answer was neither one nor the other. There were no cut and dry answer to this debate. What is more important is how you as a patient will interact with the system. In other words, how would you choose to get the care you need?

To start off with, let us look at the similarities between a public health system and a private health system. Both are run by the government. They both provide health care services for their users. The difference lies in how these two systems will administer the care given to their clients. For instance, a public health system gives priority to people who require treatment. The private health system gives preference to those who are unable to afford the service or for whom the service is not necessary.

There are also differences between public and private health systems. With regards to medical cost containment, a private health system tends to have a lower overhead than a public health system. This means that they may be able to offer lower-cost services because there is no need to hire as many employees or to pay off the same amount of taxes. Also, the government provides partial or full coverage for individuals who have individual health care insurance through their employer, and they do not have to pay any kind of taxes either. A public health system will also cover almost all medical costs, but they will charge their users for these medical services.

Another thing to consider when deciding which is better: public health system or private health system. Those who live in rural areas may decide that a public health system is more convenient for them because they have to travel a lot for medical appointments. However, those who live in an urban area will most likely prefer the services of a private health system. Those who choose a public system may also feel uncomfortable visiting the doctors unless they are on special medication or have some sort of special health condition that must be addressed at the time of consultation.

It should also be pointed out that public health systems tend to target those who are uninsured. A private health care system may provide better benefits to insured individuals. They can get benefits for wellness exams, prescriptions, x-rays, lab tests, and other similar services. They will also be covered for preventive care such as cholesterol control, cancer screenings, and visits to the doctor. Those who have undergone wellness exams and have a prescription for drugs will be given priority. Otherwise, they would be left with no coverage and no way to pay for their medications.

Those who choose to go with a public system can expect to have some financial strain on their pocket. There may be taxes to consider, and health care benefits that are above and beyond what one can reasonably afford. The insurance premiums will also have to be considered. In addition, some people do not believe that a health care system is efficient if doctors are not paid sufficiently for their services.

Although the argument can sometimes be fierce between those who want a public health system and those who prefer private healthcare, it must be kept in perspective. If a person is injured or sick and they are not properly covered by a health system, then that individual will have to find their own way. In this case, they may end up having to pay for part or all of the cost themselves. On the other hand, a private healthcare provider may be able to accept them and treat them for whatever ailment they may have, but there is always the possibility of a bill going unpaid. This leaves them without the proper medical attention.

Overall, those who want the most comprehensive system should go for a public health system. Those who are looking at saving money should opt for a private healthcare provider. However, it should be kept in mind that both options have their pluses and minuses. Individuals must weigh the pros and cons of each option before they make their final decision on which is better.

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