Who is meaner; the female or the male gender?

Who is meaner; the female or the male gender?

Who is meaner; the male or the female gender? We know that there is more than one sex. It’s a fact! There are both male and female, and they both have their own characteristics and traits that set them apart from one another. Men and women have different characteristics with them, but how do you know which one is meaner?

The question is, how can you be sure who is really meaner? What can you do to determine if she is a mean girl or a mean guy? How do you tell if she is bossy, or he is bossy?

When you ask the question, who is meaner; the male or the female gender, what do you think you should look for? First, look at her behavior toward other people. She may be mean when it comes to her boss and/or her husband. She is also likely meaner to her female employees.

If you notice that she is bossy to her male employees, she is not really meaner. However, some women really do bossy toward their men friends, especially when those guys are male friends of her boyfriend. This could be because the men like her boyfriend a lot. But then again, some women really bossy toward their boyfriends when those men are male. This could also be because the men like her boyfriend a lot, too.

If she is bossy to you, but it is only you guys that she’s around, that’s a definite sign that she isn’t meaner! She’s just trying to be supportive and there is nothing mean about that. But if you’ve noticed that she’s bossy to you but it’s other guys, that could be a sign of another problem. She might be jealous that you’re with someone else. If so, this could cause more tension between you two, especially if there happens to be a guy whom she dislikes.

Who is meaner; the male or the female gender? In relationships, the answer to this question can determine a lot about who will be true to you. If you think that she is mean more often to you than to her boyfriend or to you, then there’s something that you need to check up on. Maybe your girlfriend is having an affair with one of her male friends. If this is true, then you have a problem, regardless if she is married or not. You need to talk to your girlfriend about this.

What is meaner; the male or the female gender? You’ll probably get an answer that will make you say ‘the female’ more often than any of the answers you gave when asked ‘who is meaner?’ Now you know why you feel like your girlfriend is bossy to you but what you want to know is whether or not she is being meaner towards you in bed.

Being honest about yourself and about relationships is the best way to learn whether or not someone is meaner! Don’t assume that just because you’ve been together for a long time that the woman is necessarily mean. Just keep on questioning everything and you’ll soon find out who is really meaner!

One of the things that I always ask when I see a new guy or a new relationship is “is he/she meaner?” There is always some sort of emotion that accompanies a question like this. The emotion that I always notice when a new relationship starts is one of excitement and one of jealousy. It’s almost as if the guy has seen this girl before! This usually means that the guy is either attracted to her or is thinking about her.

The female is typically more jealous of the man she sees, even though the guy is probably attractive. Guys can be very shallow and the idea of a female being mean can even cross their minds. Women can also be meaner! In one particular situation with a friend of mine, she told me that she didn’t think I was that attractive. This girl didn’t realize that her bad attitude was turning me off and I ended up avoiding her for a long time because of it.

So the question of who is meaner; the male or the female gender, isn’t so cut and dried. One thing that I learned about females is that they really enjoy the chase. They love the thrill of the chase! It’s the nature of the beast in the dating world. Who knows, maybe there are people out there who can safely answer this question for both sexes.

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